Our Tours

Tufi Resort has superb scuba diving, natural landscapes and a beautiful culture that attracts visitors from across Papua New Guinea, the Asia Pacific region and the world. We’re proud to showcase everything this dynamic region has to offer, by providing our guests with access to a range of activities and experiences.

Tufi is an exciting destination for the adventurer, offering trekking and exploring, cultural interaction, village overnight stays, outrigger safaris and bird watching.

Guesthouses in the local villages are a great way to experience the culture and traditional way of life. Explore with the local fishermen, go snorkelling and catch a fresh lobster for dinner and help the villagers prepare your meal, the traditional way.

Tufi Cultural Experience

This is one of our most popular and renowned tours. On the Tufi Cultural tour we take you by boat into one of the nearby fjords where you will be met by local villagers in traditional dress, on outrigger canoes. The villagers will then take you on their outriggers up a river into the fjord, where you will disembark and walk through to the cultural tour area.  There, guests are treated to demonstrations and lessons of how to make sago, fire making, mat making, traditional tattooing and bush medicines. You will also get to see how they use various bush materials to maintain their traditional lifestyle. Guests are treated to a traditional sing sing, which is a sight to behold.  When finished they will paddle you back to the boat, from there it’s a short cruise back to the resort or to Komoa Beach.

Suicide Lookout Walk

A guided tour along the ridge top between the fjords takes in the scenery & wildlife until your reach the spectacular views from Suicide Lookout. See the villages and meet the locals while enjoying a coconut with them along the way.

General Village Tour

Come and spend a morning or afternoon in one of the surrounding villages and experience life in Tufi in a traditional environment.

Bird Watching

Tufi is surrounded by a wide range of diverse habitats including coastal beachfront, mangroves, lowland rainforest, hill rainforests, littoral forests, coconut groves, plantations and grasslands. All have their own unique flora and fauna, but of particular importance are the butterflies and birds. Over 120 bird species have been identified within a few hours walk of Tufi.

Komoa Beach

Take a canoe or boat across to the white sandy beach of Komoa, located just across the fjord from Tufi Resort. On Komoa Beach you can sunbake on the white sand, explore your surrounds or snorkel on the reef in front of the beach. Spend the morning or afternoon on Komoa and we can arrange a picnic lunch or snacks for you to enjoy.   It’s a great way to let your hair down and relax..

Komoa Beach Sunday BBQ Luncheon

Enjoy our famous Sunday BBQ Luncheon on the beautiful Komoa Beach.

Fjord Cruise

Enjoy a relaxing fjord cruise on one of our boats, Masalai or Crystal, seeing all that these fjords have to offer with beautiful flora & fauna and steep cliffs that seem to fall into the sea. Have a swim or just sit back relax and have a drink; a great way to see the fjords with your family or friends. Bar service and toilet facilities available on board.

Kayaking, Canoeing & Beach Days

Take a slow boat ride to the end of Tufi’s fjord while we will tow kayaks along for your leisurely paddle back to the resort. Along the way, witness some spectacular scenery.

Some of the cliff faces are several hundred feet high; magnificent rainforests cover the surrounding mountains; the fjords are over 100 meters deep. Sheltered from the prevailing winds, the surface of the water is like glass. Local huts are dotted along the shores, tucked away in an idyllic setting. This is a real touch of paradise.

Duration of this fjord cruise is approximately 3 hours, leaving at 9am and return for lunch. Remember to take insect repellent with you; after all, you are entering a tropical jungle.

Customised Activities

We love a challenge, If you have a special request or something you would like to do, see, or have us organise, then just ask.