For those interested in snorkeling, the fjords at Tufi and the magnificent reef systems are perfect for relaxed exploration. With visibility up to 30m most of the year, snorkelling off Tufi is an experience for all.  Dive into the crystal clear waters straight off the Tufi Resort jetty and you can snorkel all the way into the fjords and explore what this site has to offer.

While the fjords at Tufi are excellent for macro diving with species such as gobies, sea horses, nudibranch, shrimps and clams, conditions are also ideal for snorkelers.  With very little current in the fjords, many sponges and coral species grow prolifically and there are some very large sponges and shelf corals that are not common on the outer reefs.

For the more adventurous snorkelers, a trip to the outer reefs is an ideal way to spend the day in crystal clear waters. Our snorkelling boat ties up to our permanent buoy where you will be given an expert, guided tour of the magnificent reef, viewing hundreds of different species of colourful fish, beautiful coral and majestic drop-offs.