Muck Diving





Muck Diving at Tufi Resort

Our resort wharf will never cease to amaze you. The term “muck diving” originated here in PNG. Tufi is regarded at the top muck diving destination in the World!

Right at the jetty, in front of the dive shop, a new world awaits the unsuspecting diver. In amongst the rubble of dumped machinery and coca cola bottles from WWII, a wide variety of little critters have made their home.

Every conceivable species of gobie, nudibranch, mandarin fish, ghost pipe, banded pipe and a plethora of other fascinating creatures, offers the diver a mecca for underwater macro photography. All this in less than 10m (32ft) of water!

During a night dive the inhabitants of this area are totally transformed and one cannot recognize it as the same dive done during daylight hours.

One of the highlights of this dive is a perfectly good ol’ Landrover. The secret of how it got to be ‘parked’ there so neatly will be revealed after you complete this dive! This is a decompression dive with maximum depth of 45m (147.6ft).

Decompression stops are compulsory and surface intervals of 4 hours are mandatory before the second dive.

July, August and September are our windy months. If conditions are really windy then we are our windy months if conditions are really windy then we take all our diving up into the Fjords. The Fjords offer spectacular Muck Diving and great shelter from the wind.