Tufi Dive






Tufi Resort offers a wide variety of diving experiences. These include diving the fjords to unchartered reefs and WW2 wrecks. Visibility of 30 metres plus and water temperatures of 26°C to 29°C are consistent all year round.

Right at the jetty, in front of the dive shop, a new world awaits the unsuspecting diver. In amongst the rubble of dumped machinery and coca cola bottles from WWII, a wide variety of little critters have made their home.

Every conceivable species of gobie, nudibranch, mandarin fish, ghost pipe, banded pipe and a plethora of other fascinating creatures, offers the diver a mecca for underwater macro photography. All this in less than 10m (32ft) of water!

During a night dive the inhabitants of this area are totally transformed and one cannot recognise it as the same dive done during daylight hours.

When scuba diving the fjords, experience the unique macro world and if in for a wreck dive you can check out the WW2 PT boat wrecks. A wonderful array of sponges and shelf corals that line the walls of the tropical rainforest fjord present a truly different diving environment.

The outer reef experience is unsurpassed visibility exceeding 30m all year round, water temperature from 26-29°C and a choice of dozens of world-class dive sites. Moor onto a few of our favourites, Cyclone Cay, Black Rocks, Stewarts Reef and Shark Tip.  5-10 nautical miles offshore lies a string of reefs – ‘bommies’ that come up from a staggering depth of up to 600m to a nice safety-stop level of 7-5m below the surface.

The waters are teeming with spectacular marine life, like schooling barracuda and reef fish, a variety of sharks including the rare white Hammerhead Shark and an abundance of little critters, ideal for macro photography.

The majority of reefs in the region remain unexplored and it will be some time before the full diversity of the Tufi reefs is known. The resort focuses on reef and muck diving and all diving is carried out under the guidance of PADI dive professionals.

July, August and September are our windy months. If conditions are really windy then we take all our diving up into the Fjords. The Fjords offer spectacular Muck Diving and great shelter from the wind.

Dive Boats

The resort is well appointed with dive boats. Our newest addition to the fleet is the mighty Prowler.  Prowler is a 45 foot cat, purpose-built dive boat.  It has space for up to 20 divers, with an air-conditioned cabin, shower & toilet on board and a spacious back deck.  Prowler is safe, comfortable and well appointed for a great diving experience. 

Crystal at 30 foot, is spacious and has comfortable seating. The boat features a shower and toilet and is well equipped with all safety features. A cruise speed of 20 knots provides divers less time travelling and more time underwater.

All vessels are fully equipped with first aid kits and oxygen therapy equipment. The resort has four other smaller multi-purpose boats equipped for diving, fishing or sightseeing.

Dive Centre

Our dive centre sits at the bottom of the Tufi hill, at the Tufi wharf.  It is a leisurely 5 min walk down hill, and for the brave, it is a steep climb back to the top.  If you’re not inclined to tackle the “stair-master” hill, our resort vehicle will transfer you at a moment’s notice.

The dive centre is the water activities hub.  You can access the dive centre at any time throughout the day, grab some snorkel gear and enjoy snorkelling in the Tufi Harbour or jump in a canoe and paddle around the Tufi fjord.  All of our diving and snorkelling excursions depart from here, as does some of our tours that involve a boat transfer.  

PADI Dive Certification

Tufi Resort offers PADI dive courses.  Guests can become certified with an Open Water Dive Certification, administered by our experience PADI Dive Instructor.  For those who are not sure if they want to commit to the full course, we offer a “discover scuba” course which is the perfect introduction to scuba diving.  We also offer refresher courses, advanced open water and rescue certification courses.