Our Culture


Papua New Guinea is the land of a million different journeys. Tufi explores many of these journeys and allows you to uncover culture and traditions that one thinks do not exist anymore.

Tufi is a great location to combine with other cultural festivals across the country, to give you a mix of the different provinces and their cultural differences. Tufi’s cultural festival will enlighten you in the Oro province traditional ways of food gathering and hunting, village life, spiritual beliefs and introduce you to their language “Karafe”. This is their place talk, meaning the language spoken by their villages.

Daily life of the local villagers includes building their traditional homes and canoes from sago palms; traditional gardening, fishing and processing of foods; making ropes for hunting pigs and fishing nets; and processing various trees for tapa cloth, which is the traditional clothing.

Observe the time-honoured ways of sago making, female tattooing, canoe making, string bag making, rope and fish net making. Experience their colourful dancing and spellbound rituals.

Be mesmerized by their fantastic head dress and tapa cloth designs. Listen to the stories that have been the Tufi cultural foundation for centuries. Mix and live with the friendliest people in the South Pacific.

Tufi is a very remote location.  The resort, community and local villages are the only establishments for miles. There is no town, no roads and although we cannot stop the hands of time, the remoteness has allowed the region to remain relatively untouched by outside influence.  The local Tufi people live a simple life, with no electricity or running water in the surrounding villages, most use camp fire or solar lights and rain water.  When visiting a local village or experiencing a cultural tour, you are getting a truly authentic experience.  We are proud to showcase the Tufi people, places and culture of Tufi, Papua New Guinea.