Visitor Information

Please Note: All prices are in USD.


Children 5 years and under occupying the same room as parents FOC accommodation and meals (airfares and activities are additional). Children 6-11 attract a tariff of $120 per night. Persons over the age of 12 years will attract the standard adult rates. Children with junior diving qualifications may be eligible to dive and must be accompanied by our qualified staff. Babysitting services (price on application) during the day and evening can be arranged with prior notice. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst using the resort pool facilities. The Tufi Team can arrange snorkeling trips, trekking, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, nature walks and village tours that are suitable for children.

Clothing and Footwear

PNG can be hot and humid on the coast and you are best advised to wear light clothing and preferably long sleeved shirts for sun protection whilst outdoors. You would be well advised to pack extra shorts, t shirts, socks and a second pair of strong walking shoes apart from your other basic necessities. Females should refrain from wearing tight and or revealing clothing, as it may be frowned upon by locals and guides. It is advisable to carry some malaria medication, insect repellent, sun hat, sun screen, rain jacket, small torch, camera and a positive attitude.


There are two seasons in PNG, primarily a wet season and a dry season that vary dependent on location and the time of the year. Coastal areas experience temperatures that range between 24-35 degrees C (75-95 F) with high humidity. In the cooler Highlands, you can expect anything between 12-28 degrees (54-82F) and with less humidity. Cyclones are not prevalent in PNG although occasionally they may occur in the south eastern part of the country. The wet season in Tufi is normally from November to March.

Cultural Do’s and Don'ts

It is important to understand that when you are travelling around the region you are walking through “someone’s backyard” and everything is either communally owned or owned by a family or tribe. Always remember, there are certain cultural taboos that must be observed. Always ask your local guide if you are not sure if a certain request will or will not offend the local people and their custom. For a truly rewarding cultural experience, ask your local guide as many questions as you like as they are all well informed and enjoy the interaction. They can be generally shy and may need some prompting.

Currency and Valuables

The unit of currency is the kina, pronounced “kee-nah”, and sub-units of 100 are called toea, pronounced “toy-ya”. Note denominations are available in K2, K5, K10, K20, K50 and K100. To pay for other goods and services during your holiday, traveler’s cheques and international credit cards are accepted at most major resorts, hotels and retail outlets. Before leaving your country purchasing some PNG currency would be advisable although money exchange venues are provide at the international terminal on your arrival.

Health and Safety Issues

Consult your doctor for any medical condition that you have before departing for PNG. Malaria medication is strongly recommended. It is also advisable to keep your tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis inoculations current. Diarrhea and dysentery is not as severe in PNG as it may be elsewhere around the world however it is recommended to drink bottle water wherever possible.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Our housekeeping staff will be in to clean your room during the morning. Housekeeping will provide a turn-down service at night at which time they will close windows, turn on air conditioning and arrange mosquito netting. Daily guest laundry services are available.

Insurance and Medical Issues

You are strongly advised to purchase travelers Insurance in your home country prior to your departure. This should cover costs incurred as a result flight cancellations and delays, loss and damage to baggage, illness, accident and medical evacuation.

Language and Communication

PNG has over 800 languages and most Papua New Guineans speak at least two. The official national language is English however pidgin English (Tok Pisin)and Hiri Motu are also commonly used. Most guides in remote areas will speak English perhaps with a local accent, always ask if you do not fully understand what is being said.


Tufi Resort accommodation rates include guests’ meals which consists of continental breakfast, lunch and a 3 course dinner (sample menu below). Our local chefs do a wonderful job creating daily set menus, utilising the freshest, seasonal mainland and local produce available, with a strong emphasis on reef fish and seafood. We also provide a range of western cuisine including meat and chicken dishes as well as an array of local cuisine specialty dishes. Special dietary requirements can be catered for with prior notice. Please note Al la Carte options are not available.

Meal schedules will be adjusted daily to meet the activities of our guests, typically though, meal times are:

  • Breakfast: 7am – 9am
  • Lunch: 12pm – 2pm
  • Tea & Snacks: 3pm – 5pm
  • Dinner: 7pm – 9pm

Example Menu – Subject to change, pending seasonal produce.

Breakfast includes the freshest and juiciest in season fruit, boiled eggs with a selection of dried fruits and nuts. Daily baking of fresh bread, muffins, pancakes, banana bread and preserves, plus cereals, yogurt, tea, fresh local coffee and juice. A small hot breakfast menu is available at an additional charge.

Lunch is prepared daily by our wonderful local chefs. We pride ourselves in using as much local produce as possible, whilst utilizing offerings from the ocean and surrounding fjords. Menu selections change daily, ranging from fresh salads, Tufi burgers, delicious wraps or pan seared freshly caught fish, to mention just a few items. Sunday lunch is normally our delicious Beach BBQ spread at Komoa Beach and generally after our popular McLaren Harbor Cultural Tour.

Dinner is a 3 Course Dinner Menu most nights of the week, with the menu changing regularly. Commencing with an entree, fresh baked bread rolls, followed by a main course and a house made dessert. The resort offers a delicious buffet once per week dependent on the number of guests.

The Tufi Bar has a great selection of wines and beverages. Any item can be purchased for your room refrigerator. We will be glad to supply you with ice for your room as well. Please note that as the bar is fully serviced personal alcohol is not permitted to be consumed in public areas.

Passports, Visas and Immigration

All visitors to PNG are required to have an entry visa Currently a 30-day tourist visa is available on arrival at the international terminal provided you have a return ticket. These visas are available for most nationalities however it is prudent to check prior to departure from your home country. Visas can also be arranged through your local consulate and or embassy in your country of domicile.

Personal Security

PNG has its share of security problems just like many other places throughout the world. It is wise to research the country you are travelling to before departure to ensure you have adequate advice on security issues and or cultural taboos. Tufi Resort is a secure environment and the resort maintains internal security staff. The surrounding villages are also safe and the resort offers activities like bush walks, beach outings and village visits outside the resort perimeter. All our tours will be guided however should you wish exit the resort alone we recommend that you notify the resort management.

Telephone, Fax and Email

Tufi Resort has mobile phone coverage and internet communication.


PNG is 10 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.


Tipping is not encouraged in PNG howevr if you would like to show your appreciation to a particular guide for a job well done, do so at your own discretion.