Village Guesthouse Accommodation

The village eco-guest houses are a great way to experience the culture and traditional way of life. Explore with the local fishermen, go snorkeling and catch a fresh lobster for dinner and help the village people prepare your meal, the traditional way.

Observe the time-honored ways of sago making, face and body tattooing, canoe construction, string bag and rope and fish net weaving.

Experience their colorful dancing and their spellbound rituals. Be mesmerized by their colorful plumed head dress and their tapa cloth designs. Listen to the stories told by the elders that have been the Tufi cultural foundation for centuries. Mix and live with the friendliest people in the South Pacific.

Village Guesthouse | Transfers

Please note that village guesthouse accommodation is not located at Tufi Resort, they are located down the coast line within relatively close proximity to the resort. The cost to stay in one of the village guesthouses is USD$120 per person/per night and includes all meals. Transfers are an additional cost USD$30 per boat one way from villages to Yavi or USD$90 per boat one way for villages beyond Yavi.