Adventure Tours & Experiences

Tufi Resort is set in a very unique and pristine region of PNG for the adventure traveller. With its clear waters, lowlands and highlands, this region offers diversity encompassing soft and hard adventure activities dependent upon fitness levels.

Trek for 3 to 5 days to the twin peaks of Mt. Trafalgar and Mt. Britannia in virgin rainforest, or experience treks in closer proximity to the resort. Experience this untouched pristine environment, which has an abundant variety of unique flora and fauna. Live in the wild under sago roofs, wash in cascading ice-cold waterfalls and explore the rainforests. Test yourself …

Tufi is the paddler’s paradise. Take a traditional outrigger safari expedition to explore the coastline from 1 to 7 days, or sea kayak down the coast, through the fjords over large coral outcrops and shelves to sandy cays, into deep fjords to take in the surrounding rainforests. Birds of Paradise, flocks of Horn Bills, Eclectic Parrots, rare Black Palm Cockatoos and numerous species of Lorikeets flourish in the treetops and fjord cliff tops.

Beautiful white sandy beaches and scattered coral reef shelves make it one of the most exciting and visibly breath-taking coastlines in Papua New Guinea.

Tufi is an exciting destination for the adventurer, offering trekking and exploring, cultural interaction, village overnight stays, outrigger safaris and bird watching.

The village eco-guest houses houses are a great way to experience the culture and traditional way of life. Explore with the local fishermen, go snorkeling and catch a fresh lobster for dinner and help the village people prepare your meal, the traditional way. Observe the time-honored ways of sago making, female tattooing, canoe making, string bag making, rope and fish net making. Experience their colorful dancing and their spellbound rituals.

Be mesmerized by their fantastic head dress and their tapa cloth designs. Listen to the stories that have been the Tufi cultural foundation for centuries. Mix and live with the friendliest people in the South Pacific.